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Dana Young – Founder of Be Young Total Health

Dana Clay Young

Dana Young, founder and formulator for Be Young Total Health.

Dana Clay Young Ph.D., is the founder of the Be Young Total Health, makers of Be Young essential oils. Dana is also the younger brother of Gary Young, who started Young Living essential oils. You could say essential oils run in the family. Several years ago, Dana took a different turn and started his own company.

Dana’s Background

Dana grew up in Idaho and Canada farming and ranching. He graduated from BYU Idaho and went on to Utah State University. In 1996 he became the assistant farm manager for the largest essential oil farm in Utah. With his hard work and vision, later that year he became the farm manager.

While farm manager, he took a 2,000 acre farm from no production to an essential oil producing wonder. He built up the soil, put in an irrigation system, built 500,000 square feet of greenhouse space, built the first stainless steel distillery for essential oils in Utah (30,000-liter capacity). Dana also planted over nine different kinds of essential oil producing plants, and was the first person to plant from seed, cultivate and harvest German Chamomile in Utah to take it to experts in Turkey for testing. The 150,000 Clary sage plants he helped to plant from seed and then transplant into the fields produced the highest quality oil that has been tested in 20 years. Dana also built the first farm laboratory for testing and developing growing practices that were used on the farm. He was responsible for a 160-person crew, and often worked in the field at their sides.

Dana’s desire to understand the chemistry of essential oils led him to study under world-renowned oils specialists; Pierre Franchomme, Ph.D. and Dr. Daniel Penoel. In 2001, he attended the 4th International Symposium on Integrated Aromatic Medicine in Grasse, France, and continues research today.

Dana’s Essential Oils

Dana Young’s essential oils have been produced for years under different names. Dana created oils for various companies, including the ForeverYoung essential oils line. The ForeverYoung essential oils ceased to exist in 2008 when he created his own company, giving him complete control over his oils. That company is now known as Be Young Total Health.

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A Passion for Teaching

Dana’s passion for essential oils is perhaps only matched by his love and enthusiasm for teaching. Dana is a gifted and captivating speaker who takes great pleasure in sharing the world of essential oils with others. From hour-long lectures to week-long “essential oil bootcamps”, Dana travels around the country sharing his vision for health, his passion for life and his experience with essential oils.

Dana’s extensive research and experience with essential oils and natural health could easily fill a small library. At his live training events, Dana distilling all this information down, making it easy to understand and put into practice. Dana’s warm, fun personality and depth of knowledge of essential oils makes the time spent with him inspiring, educational and rewarding, with much laughter.

A Unique Approach to Blending

Essential Oil BlendsDana’s approach to blending essential oils is very different than most formulators. The majority of formulators blend essential oils with a focus on the olfactory notes to create a complementary aromatic blend. Dana’s approach to blending focuses on the chemical constituents of each individual oil, creating a complementary blend of phyotochemicals for optimal therapeutic effect. Dana’s unique method of formulating creates powerful medicinal essential oil blends that are well balanced and tolerated by the body. Dana’s proprietary blends are available exclusively from his company Be Young Total Health.

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