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How to Buy Essential Oils

The Be Young Difference

Be Young essential oils are truly 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. They have been tested and verified to meet the stringent E.O.B.B.D. therapeutic oil standards. These oils are not found in any store. Be Young essential oils are only available online. As quality is of the utmost importance, some oils may be occasionally out of stock.

Be Young ships directly within the United States only. If you live outside the U.S., you must use an international reshipping service such as www.myus.com. Please see the shipping FAQ below for details.

If you are asked who referred you to Be Young, please tell them Michelle Moore ID #1422.

Special Retail Discounts

Order as a retail customer (aka Product Partner) following the instructions below to get discounted savings on every order above $50. Discounts range from 5% up to 20% off your total purchase, based on the purchase amount as shown below. Your special discount will appear during the checkout process.

Retail discounts based on total purchase amounts

OPTION 1: Order as a Product Partner (Highly Recommended)

The simplest and fastest way to get Be Young essential oils is as a Retail Customer. Retail Customers pay retail price but there are NO initial purchase requirement and NO monthly autoship order requirement. Retail customers get discount savings on every order over $50 (see below for details).

How to Order as a Retail Customer:

  1. Visit our Be Young retail website by clicking here.
  2. You should see "You are a guest of Embrace Health Inc" at the top left of the website, next to my picture.
  3. To see the Be Young product lines, hover over "Shop Now".
  4. You’ll see a drop down menu which includes the different product lines including: Essential Oils, Packs, Supplements, etc.
    1. Choose "Packs" to find and order the Immune Pack or L-form Pack.
    2. Choose "Essential Oils" for the complete list of all singles and blended oils.
  5. NOTE: Only the dark blue "Loyol" labeled oils are for internal use!
    The Aeroma labeled oils are NOT for internal use.
  6. Click "Add to Cart" to select items you’d like to get.
  7. When done selecting your products, click "Click here to begin checkout" or click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page.
  8. Confirm your cart contents, then click the "Begin Checkout" button at the bottom. Note: if your order is over $50, your special retail discount will show up before completing your order in the last step below.
  9. If you are a new customer, under "Set Up a New Account", click the "Create Account" button. If you are a returning customer, enter your email or member ID and password.
  10. STEP 1 – You’ll know your connected to our account if it says "Your Referring Member: Embrace Health Inc, Member ID# 1422".
  11. STEP 2 – Fill in the form with your information to create your account and then you’ll be prompted to complete your order. Note: for orders over $50, you’ll see your special retail discount applied before completing your order.

If you have any issues placing your online order, please call us at 888-660-8944 and we’ll help you through the steps to become a retail Product Partner.

OPTION 2: Order as a Member (aka Distributor)

Distributors get lower wholesale prices on products, but terms and conditions apply. Distributors must sell a minimum amount of product to avoid a membership fee. See the FAQ’s below for details and read the most up-to-date distributor requirements on the Be Young website.

How to Order as a Distributor:

  1. Go to our Be Young product website here:
  2. Select "Become a Distributor" under the Get Started menu.
  3. Select "enroll now" under the Be A Distributor section.
    Note: Distributors are required to place an initial order (limited to 3 particular kits) and provide their social security number. You’ll then set up your own replicated website which will allow you to order at wholesale prices.
  4. Fill in the required information on the enrollment page:
    1. Confirm that the text "Referred By Embrace Health Inc" appears above the Name field.
    2. Enter your Personal Information.
    3. Under "Select Your Products", select one of the three required kit products as your first order. The “Basic Starter Kit” includes a nebulizing cold-air diffuser, plus two Aeroma oil blends that are wonderful for airborne bacteria control.
    4. Enter your payment information.
    5. Set up your "replicated website" and make a note of your password and username for future reference. Be sure to write down the "username" and "password" so you can remember them for future orders.
    6. Complete your order by agreeing to the terms of use and clicking "Complete My Enrollment".


  5. After you have enrolled, login to your personal replicated Be Young website using the "username" and "password" you chose while enrolling.
    Login in here:
  6. To order oils, select "Place and order (Internal)" under the Orders tab.
  7. Under the Shop Now tab, select "Essential Oils". To see the Immune Pack, select "Packs" under the Shop Now tab.
  8. NOTE: Only the dark blue "Loyol" labeled oils are for internal use!
    The Aeroma labeled oils are NOT for internal use.
  9. Add the oils and products you want to your cart. A summary of your cart contents is visible on the right side of the screen next to the little shopping cart icon.
  10. When you are done, click "Begin Checkout".
  11. Fill in the required information to finalize your order.
  12. Log into this site using your personal username and password for future orders at wholesale pricing.

If you have any issues placing your online order, please call us at 888-660-8944 and we’ll help walk you through the steps to become a Distributor.


What’s the difference between the LOYOL and AEROMA lines of Be Young oils?

Be Young’s oils come in two different versions: Loyol and Aeroma. All LOYOL oils are for internal use, including ingesting, cooking and dietary supplement use. The Aeroma oils are for non-internal use, including skin application, bathing, air diffusing, laundry, sanitizing and personal care product uses.

Can you find other oils online that are less expensive?

95% of essential oil on the market today are inferior oils made with chemical fragrances, artificial additives and diluents and potentially toxic chemical residues. With something as important as your health, I wouldn’t trust them. You get what you pay for when it comes to oils.

Less expensive usually means less effective. Virtually all oils labeled as “pure” and therapeutic can be legally diluted to 50% essential oil. And, many therapeutic and “pure” oils are also adulterated, impure and contain dangerous chemical residues.

Be Young’s oils are not diluted, are therapeutic, are EOBBD tested, wild-crafted or organic, and are free from toxic chemicals and pesticides. These are by far the best oils I have found.

Do you have to sell oils if you become a Distributor?

Be Young requires distributors to sell or market a certain amount of product to avoid paying a membership fee. Becoming a distributor is free as a 3-month free trial. However, a $99.00 membership fee will be charged if after 3-months you do not share and sale a minimum of $695.00 worth of product between you and your downline team members.

In addition to the above sales requirement, a social security number must be provided for tax purposes when becoming a distributor. Distributors get a personal Be Young account website for accessing account information, viewing shipping information and placing orders. Distributors also get lower wholesale pricing on Be Young products.

Note: Requirements for becoming and maintaining distributor status may change without notice – be sure to read Be Young’s website for the most up-to-date distributor requirements.

Does Be Young ship outside the United States?

Be Young does not ship directly outside the U.S. However, you can still get Be Young oils outside the United States by using an international reshipping service. You can use www.myus.com to set up a U.S. address to which Be Young can ship your order. Then your order will be forwarded to your international address by the reshipping service. For applicable orders, Be Young may offer free shipping to your www.myus.com U.S. address so that you avoid a double charge for shipping.

Why are some oils out of stock?

Be Young uses only the highest quality essential oil sources, many of which are small farms and in remote areas with limited distribution. Therefore, some essential oils may be temporarily out of stock from time to time. And often times, oils are really in stock even though the website says “out of stock”. Be Young has been growing quickly and the web site isn’t updated as often as it could be. If you find an oil labeled as “out of stock”, call Be Young to verify if it is or not.

Affiliate disclosure

I formed a relationship with Dana Young, founder of Be Young oils many years ago because of his dedication to purity and his high quality essential oil line. I became an affiliate (ID# 1422) with Be Young Total Health and I receive a commission from sales of certain items if you click through and purchase from Be Young Total Health, but the price is the same for you. As our business has grown, so have the associated costs with running and maintaining it, and commissions help offset these costs. I stand firmly behind any product listed on my site, I use these products and I also recommend them to our family and friends.