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Why Choose Be Young Essential Oils?

Why choose Be Young?There are hundreds of essential oil companies, each making impressive claims about the quality of their products. With all the marketing hype in the essential oil industry, it can be hard to know which products are safe and effective for demanding medicinal uses. Be Young Total Health chose to take a different route.

Instead of relying on fancy marketing and flashy websites, renowned oil formulator Dana Clay Young founded Be Young Total Health to find and provide the best therapeutic grade oils. As a small company, Be Young works directly with a hand-picked selection of small growers of the highest quality oils across the world. By avoiding the large oil importers and middle men that peddle inferior quality oils to larger companies, Be Young has made the purest, safest and most potent oils for challenging medicinal uses readily available.

Below are several reasons to choose Be Young Essential Oils:

  • E.O.B.B.D testing to ensure the highest quality
  • Truly undiluted oils
  • Clean oils with no pesticides, solvents or artificial fragrances
  • Meticulous selection by an expert formulator for maximum therapeutic activity
  • Be Young is family owned and operated
  • Ongoing support through weekly training calls, regional training events, online training system, newsletters, and week-long intensive oil training “boot camps”
  • Exclusive resources and support only available through Honest-Essential-Oils.com

E.O.B.B.D. Testing

eobbd-essential-oilsTraveling widely and inspecting numerous farms and distillation facilities all over the world, Dana Young has developed exacting standards that ensure the quality of the oils Be Young offers. In the essential oil industry, there is no higher standard of quality than E.O.B.B.D. (Essential Oil Botanically and Biochemically Defined).

The E.O.B.B.D. standard ensures quality through every step of the process, from plant to finished essential oil. E.O.B.B.D. testing ensures that the correct plant species, plant organ and extraction method were used to make the oil. The testing also ensures that biochemical analysis of the essential oil match with the highest quality reference standards.

Find out more about E.O.B.B.D testing.

Nothing Added – Nothing Taken Away

Walk into your local health food store or visit your favorite supplement website and you’ll see dozens of adulterated essential oils claiming to be “100% pure”. These mass-marketed oils compete with each other over price and for space on the shelf, with impressive claims and fancy marketing.

Most essential oils used in aromatherapy in North America are for “commercial fragrancing”, which means bath, culinary, and beauty product uses that are NOT suitable or safe for therapeutic use. In contrast, Be Young essential oils are specially grown and extracted to perform deep therapeutic action in the body and the mind. Oils extracted using harsh or chemical-based distillation methods are very common throughout the world and are potentially dangerous and ineffective for therapeutic uses.

Uncompromised Quality

The vast majority of essential oils are mass produced for use in the flavor and fragrance industries. Even if an oil is produced for aromatherapy or therapeutic uses, most oil companies are willing to sacrifice product quality to meet inventory requirements or to improve the bottom line.

By keeping Be Young a small, family-run company, Dana Young keeps a tight rein on the company’s priority of uncompromised quality. Under Dana’s full control, product quality is never adjusted or compromised for the sake of business or financial reasons. In contrast, formulators working for larger companies are often pressured by production managers, marketing VPs and CEOs to compromise quality for the sake of inventory and profits.

Below are three widespread industry practices rejected by Be Young:

  1. Alternative suppliers to meet inventory demands. Almost all oil companies have alternate suppliers for their oils, often of lesser or unknown quality. Using alternative suppliers can keep a company’s products in stock, but often at the expense of product quality. Be Young never uses alternative suppliers solely to meet inventory requirements. This means that some oils may temporarily go out of stock from time to time if high-quality alternatives cannot be sourced.
  2. Diluting oils to cut costs or limit usage options. Unlike most oil companies, Be Young never dilutes its oils with lower grade oils or cuts them with carriers or fillers to lower the price of the oil. Nor does Be Young dilute its oils to limit your usage options. This means that the price of a particular essential oil may vary from season to season depending on crop yields and other seasonal variables.
  3. Relying on importers, middle men and contractors to cut production costs and maintain inventory. Rather than relying on a large bulk importer, Be Young selects its growers, distillers and importers on an oil-by-oil basis to ensure maximum quality and therapeutic strength for each individual essential oil. Be Young also formulates and mixes their own blends and fills their oils in-house, ensuring total control and adherence to their quality standards.

Undiluted Potency

Most essential oils are diluted “in a base of” some other oil, even if the label claims “100% pure”. This widespread industry practice may be done for a number of reasons, including:

  • Extending (diluting) an essential oil saves money by allowing more bottles of the oil to be filled.
  • Many methods for using essential oils require dilution of the oil to achieve optimal results. Therefore, most essential oil formulators choose to pre-dilute the oil for you in the bottle.
  • Essential oils are also diluted to reduce the potency and strength of the oil. This is standard practice with very “hot” oils, such as oregano, to reduce the risk of inexperienced users harming themselves through improper use techniques.

Be Young does not dilute any of its essential oils. Because essential oils can be used in many different ways, dilution is presumptive and limits the customer’s choices and options for using the oil. Be Young respects the competence of its customers and preserves their choice to dilute each essential oil for its intended use.

Meticulous Selection Process

Dana Young carefully selects the source for each essential oil to produce the most therapeutically active and complete array of constituents. Each oil source is chosen based on plant species and organ, growing practices, soil health and composition, harvesting method, distillation process, and gas chromatographic (GC) analysis to maximize the therapeutic and medicinal qualities of the oil. Rather than relying on large bulk suppliers, Be Young seeks out smaller organic and/or wild crafted sources that produce essential oils with unique chemotype and medicinal properties.


When it comes to essential oils, you get what you pay for. Essential oils from small growers producing superior quality products will always cost more than cheap, low-quality, mass-produced oils. If you want essential oils for therapeutic uses, you want the best quality and the most potent oils you can get your hands on.

I would rather have a drop of oil from properly grown and carefully distilled plants than a truckload of cheap oil. – Dana Clay Young


Because high quality essential oils are more potent than lower quality oils, it takes much less to get the same job done. Even though high quality oils may cost a little more, drop-per-drop they are a much better value than cheap, low-quality oils.

Care in Every Drop

Dana Young and his family put care, love and respect into every step of the selection, sourcing and manufacturing process. Dana draws on his medical and research background and his extensive industry experience to create powerful oil blends using unique formulating techniques. The combination of experience, dedication and respect shines through in every bottle of Be Young essential oils.

Why Buy Through Us?

We started our first natural health business in 2004, and have been independant distributors for Be Young since 2006. Since then, we have helped thousands of people around the world understand and use natural health products to support their body for optimal health and wellbeing. And now we look forward to helping you too.

As Be Young independent distributors, we offer all of our customers and members our support on using Be Young essential oils. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own!

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